In a center seal pouch, the back left and back right panels are folded around to form a bag and sealed in the center. These pouches have attractive print options and are known to preserve packed items from air and moisture contamination, making the pouches the preferred choice for packaging snacks, candy, frozen food, dried food, and cosmetics. Side gussets can be added to expand capacity. Center seal pouches with gussets are commonly used in packaging for ice cream, frozen food, pet food, rice, and coffee.

A 3-side seal pouch is sealed on 3 sides, with 1 side open for the filling process. These pouches can help maintain your product’s freshness and are appropriate for various applications in both food and non-food industry. They are commonly used in packaging for snacks, dried fruits, spices, fermented food, dried food, sauces, and cosmetics. Resealable zippers, easy open tear notches (v-cut) and holes for hanging displays (o-cut) can be added.

Standing pouches are appropriate for products that require attention and meant to be displayed on shelves. Its strong structure can help protect packed items for longer periods of time. Resealable zippers and easy open tear notches can be added for multi-use purposes, perfect for packaging products such as premium snacks and nutritional supplements. Spouts can also be added to standing pouches, and are commonly found in packaging for shower gel, lotion, salad dressing, laundry detergent, and juice.

These bags are especially strong and feature extra seals on all 4 corners of the bag. These bags are commonly used in packaging for heavy products that require extra strong bags or products that require great protection from liquid and moisture such as coffee grounds.

Printed and laminated packaging rolls are used with auto-packaging machines. The length and dimensions of these auto pack rollers can be customized to fit different auto-packaging machine models. The strength of these rolls are favorable for continually packing numerous items, making this type of packaging suitable for a wide range of products such as dried food, snacks, candy, and bread and are good for water bottle labels as well.

These pouches are highly customizable and suitable for products that require unique, eye-catching packaging. The pouch’s edges can be cut into any specific shape and bottom gussets, resealable zippers, center spouts and side spouts can be added to meet your product’s specifications. The Thomson die cut pouches are commonly used in packaging for cosmetic products, dish washing liquid, laundry detergent and any other re-fill products.

These pouches have special resealable zippers that are more convenient for consumers and help maintain freshness for longer periods of time. Pocket zips can be added to many types of pouches such as 3-side seal, standing, box, bottle, etc.

Retortable pouches are able to withstand the thermal processing used for sterilization which helps extend the shelf-life of foods. These pouches can withstand a temperature below 0 degrees and as high as 121 degrees, and help preserve food quality, texture, taste and aroma. They are extremely durable and not easily broken or torn.

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